Thursday, June 3, 2010

The best job in the world

I just want to talk about why the military is a great place for lawyers. For starters, its probably the only job an attorney can get where he/she is paid to exercise. Seriously, some people hate physical training, but I love it. The only other kind of profession like it is professional sports. I show up to work pump iron and then hit the books, and its all part of my job. It's great. I guess police work, FBI, state troopers, etc. are the same, but in the realm of legal jobs this is great.

Second thing, boredom does not exist. Someone explained to me that you never get stuck doing the same thing over and over. It is true. I've done a lot of different things. I've appeared in 2 summary court martials. I've done 2 direct exams and given 2 closing arguments. I've done legal aid and motion practice. It's diverse to say the least. However, I am feeling slightly out of my league as a lawyer. Everyone here is very smart and they are very good lawyers. I sometimes struggle with doing silly L-T things.

Third, the people are great. The USAF attracts very adventurous people. I love it. I am channeling my inner wild. Becky has continually reminded me that we can't buy a 4x4 Jeep, a kayak, a motorcycle, etc. I was thinking about telling her how cool it would be to have a deep sea fishing boat, but I know where that would get me. Besides, the oil is going to crush all fishing here anyways. The sense of adventure is great. You relearn how to have fun in the military.

The last thing I am going to cover is the dress. The ABU's rock. They are comfortable and you do not have a tie on. Don't get me wrong, I love ties. However, ties get dingy and sometimes they stifle you, especially when you are in a sticky situation. ABU's are open collar, they are loose fitting, and the material softens over time. They are great.

Well, that does it for me today. Feel free to post here. If you are searching for information about JAG life, visit the OTS Portal JAG forum (if you haven't already). You can learn everything you need to know. Later!


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  1. I am so glad you are enjoying life there! I am loving the updates!